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Barclay LED Solutions Lights up Harrogate Town AFC with Stadium Stand Sponsorship

Barclay LED Stand

Barclay LED Solutions proudly announces its sponsorship of Harrogate Town AFC’s stadium stand. This not only illuminates the footballing aspirations of Harrogate’s beloved club but also underscores Barclay LED Solutions’ unwavering commitment to hometown support and grassroots sports development.

The now christened “Barclay LED Solutions Stand” within Harrogate Town AFC’s EnviroVent stadium, symbolises a beacon of hope and opportunity for both the club and fans. Nestled amidst the buzzing energy of match days, the stand serves as a testament to the enduring bond between local businesses and sporting excellence.

For Barclay LED Solutions, a stalwart fixture in Harrogate’s business landscape since its inception, this sponsorship represents more than just a name on a stand—it’s a symbol of shared values and community pride. With a longstanding tradition of nurturing talent and fostering community engagement, Barclay LED Solutions embraces its role as a guardian of local aspirations and dreams.

“We are thrilled to illuminate the path to success for Harrogate Town AFC through this sponsorship,” remarked David Barclay Director at Barclay LED Solutions. “As champions of our community, we recognize the vital role that sports play in uniting and inspiring us all. By supporting Harrogate Town AFC, we are investing in the future of our town and its people.”

Indeed, for Harrogate Town AFC, the partnership with Barclay LED Solutions represents a golden opportunity to elevate its ambitions and achievements on the field. With the invaluable support of Barclay LED Solutions, the club is poised to reach new heights of excellence and bring glory to its devoted fans.

“We are grateful to Barclay LED Solutions for their sponsorship,” said Jo Towler, Commercial Director at Harrogate Town AFC. “Their unwavering support will propel us forward as we strive for greatness on the pitch and in the hearts of our community.”

As the Barclay LED Solutions Stand gleams proudly under the floodlights, it serves as a shining testament to the power of partnership, passion, and perseverance. With this sponsorship, Barclay LED Solutions and Harrogate Town AFC embark on an exciting journey towards shared success and triumph—lighting the way for a brighter future for all.