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Barclay LED Solutions Ltd

Environmental Policy

Barclay LED Solutions Ltd is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our construction activities. We believe that responsible environmental management is a fundamental aspect of our business. We aim to operate in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, while providing high-quality construction services to our clients.

Our Environmental Objectives:


Compliance: We will comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and industry standards. We are committed to staying up to date with the latest developments in environmental legislation.

Minimize Environmental Impact: We will strive to minimize our environmental footprint by reducing waste generation, conserving resources, and using energy-efficient practices throughout our projects.


Resource Efficiency: We will use resources such as water, energy, and materials efficiently and responsibly, aiming to reduce waste and pollution.

Sustainable Materials: We will give preference to sustainable and eco-friendly construction materials whenever possible. This includes sourcing materials locally to reduce transportation emissions.

Biodiversity Conservation: We will take steps to protect and, if possible, enhance biodiversity on our construction sites. This may include reforestation, wildlife habitat protection, and erosion control measures.


Waste Reduction: We are committed to reducing construction waste by recycling, reusing, and responsibly disposing of materials. We will establish waste management plans for each project.


Energy Efficiency: We will adopt energy-efficient practices in construction methods and machinery, and we will strive to minimize energy consumption during project execution.


Responsibility and Accountability: Every member of our team is responsible for adhering to this environmental policy. Our management will provide the necessary resources, training, and support to ensure the effective implementation of our environmental objectives. We will regularly review our performance, set targets, and continually improve our environmental management systems.


Client and Stakeholder Engagement: We will engage with our clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders to raise awareness and encourage environmentally responsible practices throughout the construction process. We will also encourage suppliers to adopt environmentally friendly policies.


Emergency Preparedness: In the event of an environmental incident, we will respond promptly, mitigate any damage, and take measures to prevent recurrence. We will have emergency response plans in place to address potential environmental issues.


Continuous Improvement:

We will regularly review and update our environmental policy to reflect changes in environmental regulations, best practices, and the needs of our clients and the community. We are dedicated to striving for continuous improvement in our environmental performance.



Barclay LED Solutions Ltd is dedicated to conducting construction activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. By adhering to this environmental policy, we aim to protect the environment, enhance the communities in which we work, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.


Date: 01/10/2023


David Barclay